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A long, long time ago, in the second half of the 90’s, three music-playing friends wanted to spend their time in a more artistic way than usual, so they formed a band. As it is usual in the beginnings, the name of the band was changing each week and so did the music. There was The Trip, Horror Vacui, until finally a definite choice was made. This is how the Pawilony was formed. The group, being a specific mix of punk, hippie and noise, became quite a big local success, giving many concerts. After nearly three years the group broke up and disappeared from the world map. However, the once spread corn could not be rooted out. The magic of common playing was so strong that the musicians met and played once again, this time something different, with a new look.

This is how, in the beginning of year 2002, Oranżada came to life. The trio started to work with energy and many fresh ideas. New songs were created, the band started playing concerts and sought promotion. The demo sent to the cultic figure of the Polish Radio 3, mr Piotr Kaczkowski, beared the fruit of the group’s first ever release. The song „Ulice” was put on the compilation and was frequently played by mr Piotr on the radio. This one demo gathered many friendly opinions in the media. The more and more frequent concerts full of people were optimistic. The style of the band became clear, however hard to classify. In Oranżada’s music one can find echoes of new wave and punk, the climate of the 60’s, the motor activity and trance of krautrock, all garnished with a psychodelic sauce. This is how the term ‚psychodelicje’ (psychodelicacy) was made. There were concerts with famous bands such as Lech Janerka, Ścianka and Apteka, successes like the first place in the Ostrockreggae Festival 2003 in Ostróda, where Oranżada received the main jury award and was invited to TV programmes like Hołdys Guru, a document about culture in Masovia. The preparations for the first album began. The band entered the OBUH Records studio lead by Wojcek Czern, a well-known figure of Polish underground. In specific conditions, with perfect equipment from the era, in a fully analog production, the first album was made, simply named Oranżada, released in 2005 by Ars Mundi. Considering the non-commerce music of the group, the favorable opinions were a big success.

First abroad concerts appeared. The musicians were well received by the German audience. The quick understanding of the three Poles’ music caused that the band found a permanent place in this alternative market, playing concerts and appearing on compilations there.

The first album made it possible to appear in some western psychodelic encyclopedias. Besides the strictly musical activities Oranżada became interested in multimedia projects, the first of them being the participation in the TV program “Taper” for TVP Kultura, where the band played live to Charlie Chaplin’s „The Cure”. Together with the black and white motion picture the musicians became tapers many times in front of German and Polish audience. During the breaks in performance, the musicians created new sounds, came into contact with other artists. Slowly the material for the new album was gathered and when it became steady, the group started recording.

The second album was made in a completely different environment than the first one – the warm, analog-valve studio was replaced with an austere basement and a computer.

The basic instruments were recorded all at once, the rest in a studio where it was mixed by Bohdan Zywek. This time the musicians wanted to release the material themselves. The bass-player established MikroFON Rec. label and in 2006 the second album of the band appeared on the market, “Drzewa w sadzie zdzikly”. Similarly to the first one, it made a good impression. Once more the concerts, individual trips to Germany, invites for festivals began (KlangbadFestival 2006, International Art Festival in Bremen). The second album gave the beginning to co-working with Pawel Jordan (ex Kult, Radio Warszawa).

In the meantime, an excellent clip was made, which was nominated in 2008 for the prestigious award of YAH Festival. Slowly the group put away the frequent concerting, and the artists concentrated on making the music for the third album as well as on creating the music for another Charlie Chaplin movie, this time “The Kid”.

The lack of frequent concerts was compensated by regular rehearsals. The formation was joined by Maciek Łabudzki (ex Żywiolak), implementing new sounds. Congas, different kinds of percussions, flute, trumpets appeared. After a few months of common rehearsals, Oranzada recorded the material for the third album, called “Samsara”, which is planned to be released in September 2009. The album has every chance of becoming a great success and taking the band up to the top of Polish alternative. The music of the group made a leap forward, still keeping the characteristic Oranżada style – too avant-garde for pop and too pop for avant-garde – like the band’s drummer says.


Currently the band is formed by:

Michał Krysztofiak – guitar, voc

Robert Derlatka – base, voc

Artur Rzempołuch – drums, many strange objects




Important and interesting performances:


FAMA Festival06.09.02

II Festival of Alternative Art The Best OFF’2003 in club Żak (I.a.:Lech Janerka, Ścianka, Marcin Dymiter, Tymon Tymański, Von Zeit, Pudelsi, Łódź Kaliska)

Fląder Pop Festiwal ‘ 2003 Gdańsk

Ost Rock Reggae Festiwal 2003 (I place – main award)

Festiwal 2003

Festiwal in Landscape 2004 in Inowłodz (I.a.: Pathman, One Inch Of Shadow, Hati, The Band Of Endless Noise),

Festiwal 2005

TVP Kultura, Taper – performance to The Cure of Ch.Chaplin in Polish TV 1( 2005)

Festiwal G -DAY , Berlin, 03.12.05 (beside Vibravoid)

Red Rooster , Berlin, 27.05.06

Klangbad Festival 2006 (I.a.: Embryo, Sofa Surfer, Absynthe Minded, Volcano The Bear, Faust)

Radio dla Ciebie – live concert (2006)

Rock Reggae Festival, Brzeszcze, 09.09.2006

Festiwal Altonale (Hamburg, Germany 15.06.2007)

Brema ( festiwal Theater für Alle – give as much as you can BREMEN ) Germany , 2007

Open Egg Festiwal , Warsaw , 22.09.07

Festiwal Filmowy FILMOFFO – Opole Lubelskie, 16.02.2008

Festiwal Sztuka Ulicy Płock 2009 performance to The Kid of Ch.Chaplin 2009

Festiwal Muzyka na Plan Tarnowskie Góry performance to The Kid of Ch.Chaplin 2009

Festiwal 2009 Gomunice





Author’s albums:

1. Oranżada "Oranżada", Ars Mundi, 2005

2. Oranżada "Drzewa w sadzie zdzikły", MikroFON, 2006

3. Oranżada "Samsara", Obuh, 2010

3. Oranżada "Once Upon a Train", MikroFON, 2012




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  4. Eastern Space Cakes, 2006, song "Koszula wspomnień" in the German compilation

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